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Memories of the Past


Is your memory accurate?  I think I can answer that question without hesitation, and the answer would be probably – not always.  Memories sometimes are like opinions; the person remembering the event may not see it exactly the same.

We are such creatures of habit and typically practice the exact behavior without being aware that we are.  I actually like that about myself. I’m a ‘Type A’ person that normally keeps the same routine over and over without deviation.  That can be a joy as well as a curse depending on how you see it.  LOL  

See, most of us like “normalcy” which is what keeps us going every day.  We want to be able to catch the bus at the exact time, we drive the same route to work or church and we want to go to the store around the same, and usually we buy the exact foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Think of your habits and how they have shaped you into the person you are today.  When we reflect on our behaviors or habits it also can be attributed to our past.   

Some of our past memories for a number of reasons are sometimes painful and may be challenging to discuss.  If one has been in therapy (I have no problem admitting such) and it’s been good!  We can get help with a problem that we can’t always manage by ourselves. It helps at times to share with friends so that we can obtain empathy or sympathy. We might also share with our children things about our past/background so that we can help them not repeat the same mistakes.  This helps in the ability to create healthy relationships that enhance our lives.  I can admit as a little girl I had many struggles with self -image and I am grateful for people showing me kindness, and for showing me that I had talent and worth.  A most welcomed memory is that of Mr. Carter, my Jr. High Band director who most definitely was a quirky little man.  He was a very kind yet strict man who sometimes made me stay after class to practice with him as he accompanied me with the piano.  He insisted that I stick with the flute (and yes it paid off because eventually I made first chair); and to this day, I periodically pick it up and play so that I won’t forget the notes. 

Since I’m in the sharing mindset, I have another great one that happens to be one of my favorites.

My mom (Epsie – or many who loved her called her “RED” which was her nickname.  Well, my mom LOVED Thanksgiving. I remember as a girl often having my entire family and often some extras (she was so funny – she called them strays LOL) over to our home. Our house would be filled with the smell of baked cakes (German chocolate, 7-Up, strawberry cake, lemon meringue pies, and sweet potato pies.  Just the thought makes me smile and get softer hehe. 

She so loved having what felt like 40 people in our house (it’s a missed treasure especially now with Covid). There would be so many children running around like ants, and out of the blue she would say “get somewhere and sit down.” Then after a few minutes, we’d scramble and start up again.  LOL I may have been a kid, and “sometimes” did what I was told, but I truly believe she was enjoying the noise.  She told me later when I would be in the kitchen with her, learning her techniques, that it was so easy for cakes to fall. That’s why she didn’t want us running around the house, especially in her kitchen. I had no idea.  That’s why she would bake her cakes mostly at night when everyone was asleep.

Well, to continue, I loved hanging with my mother over the Thanksgiving holiday. Especially after I got married, because she was teaching me a great deal about how special those times were, and not to overlook the importance of family.  I was taught that family is most significant in a person’s life.  Everyone wants to belong, and at times, family can teach, care for you, punish you, but most of all love you.  This leads me to the story of Joseph our Patriarch and his family. 

I beg you to familiarize yourself again with this memorable story about family.  I’ve listed some scriptures for your reference:

Genesis (Chapters 37-50) 

Joseph and Benjamin were loved by their father Jacob because of the love he had for their mother. He doted on Joseph and more than likely Benjamin as well, but we know he did Joseph.  Remember the coat of many colors? Here’s the gist of the story: Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers because of jealousy. Yet, through many trials and suffering, Joseph never lost sight.  Joseph had a profound ability to handle monies, and Pharaoh immediately picked up on his talents. Joseph had to go through some things…including being chased around the table by Mrs. Pharaoh. But he was rewarded and Joseph was placed in a high position to serve Pharaoh.  Joseph was also very wise in dream interpretation and foresaw a drought hitting the land.  Joseph made sure the kingdom of Egypt had plenty to spare.  Eventually, his brothers had to come to him for assistance, and they did not recognize Joseph but he recognized them.

Genesis 42:8; And Joseph knew his brethren, but they knew not him.

Joseph tricked them into having to come back with Benjamin and their father. He reminded them of all they had done to him. But he recognized that it was for that exact moment to save his family from starvation. He reminded them that they did it for evil but God meant everything for good.  FAMILY!!!

Many of us have had difficulties in our childhood; it could have been problems with our parents, siblings, and even our neighbors.  School may have been a struggle for some of us and it may have caused a huge inability to make progress in life especially because teasing or now they call it bullying that played a huge role in some of our self-worth. That’s why I say it’s good to find someone you trust to share your struggles with, and hopefully that will help you with that issue and give you the ability to press on.  Let me know if you need to vent- I’ve been told I’m a good listener.  As I began sharing about memories of the past, those memories can be different between two people experiencing the same exact incident and both remember it totally different.

Some of your memories might be of sadness. Take them and use them for good to glorify God and be a beacon of light for someone who may have gone through (or currently going through) an experience like yours. Don’t let your previous storms or tribulations dictate how you are going to allow GOD to master your life.  Let GOD use your storm to gain the victory and the beautiful experiences you’ve had. Share them, it might help someone make it through a huge storm of their own.  Be vulnerable explain some of your challenges and let them know that God is the Captain of their life, and they will make it through.

Give a quick listen from me to you using Teri’s vocals to Encourage, Inspire and Uplift.

TERRI MAYS “If you Can’t Make it Through the Storm.”


1 thought on “Memories of the Past”

  1. God will turn the very bad tribulation in your life and turn it into something good. I’m a living witness. Amen🙏🏾


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