(GOD’s Love Tokens) Do you remember as a kid going to the grocery store with your parents and they would make the statement before you either left home or upon exiting the car (usually it was mom) would say “don’t ask for nothing, don’t touch nothing or there will be consequences? Can you think back,… Continue reading GRACE & MERCY


When you think of something Beautiful can you also envision it Chaos at the same time? Well it can.  That picture is a perfect visual example of Beautiful Chaos.  According to Webster it’s considered an oxymoron – that is two things that don’t work well together?  I’ve come to realize life is a paradox and… Continue reading BEAUTIFUL CHAOS

It’s 2022 and GOD Has Something Great in Store for You!!!

As we continue to press forward to make progress Emotionally, Physically, Economically, Educationally, but more importantly Spiritually in 2022. Today, I want to ensure that you know from GOD’s lips to my pen to your ears so that you can know that this year there is something instore for just You!!!  The Word of GOD… Continue reading It’s 2022 and GOD Has Something Great in Store for You!!!


Leaving 2021 and Moving to a Fresh Start 2022 December 31, 2021  2021 has been Great!!! – I see I got your attention with that statement. Rite!!! It has been an overwhelming, scary, happy, sad and often breathtaking year.  In many of the day to day events as we sit and think, GOD continually shows… Continue reading HAPPY FRESH BEGINNING


PEACE Romans 5:1 Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: The Word of GOD has been given to us for our learning so that we may be used as HIS vessel so others will see HIM through us.  It gives instructions on how we should live, share, give,… Continue reading PEACE

It’s All About Joy!!!

John 15:11 Thank you for reading My ChristianGirlsChat Blog. My prayer is that you receive morejoy, a stronger connection with family and friends, but most importantly a more spiritually connection to GOD Our FATHER that will give you more success that will help you along your spiritual journey. First, I’d like to apologize to you… Continue reading It’s All About Joy!!!

Humble Is The Way

HUMBLE IS THE WAY “Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in Love” Ephesians 4:2. H – Healthy U – Understanding M – Mellow B – Beloved L – Love E – Encouraging HUMILITY GIVES PRAYER VISION Today after years of hard work ensuring all dreams – many self-motivated high achievers… Continue reading Humble Is The Way


SNAP SAINTS NEVER ACCEPT (we can’t) PRAISE TEXAS We Have a Problem!!! On Thursday February 11, 2021 National Meteorologist predicted that come Monday, February 15, 2021 a Winter Artic Blast would be hitting Texas the Big State!!! Did you hear me say Big 😂. The understatement was that there would be snow, sleet, freezing and… Continue reading SNAP


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