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Hello My Loves,

I am Margie D. Creswell and I have a great passion for the Word of God.  I enjoy sharing it through teachings of Ladies Bible Classes.  I love doing Missionary Work in Guyana, South America which I have taken several trips working with the sisters there.  I have an Associate’s Degree in English from the HBCU – Southwestern Christian College and I am a Member of the United Ladies of Houston which supports SwCC.  I love working with Sisters and fellowshipping with them at Ladies Retreats (local and national).  I live to teach and share GOD’s love while engaging with my sisters.  

I have been married to Val for 34 years.  I am also the product of two wonderful parents John Lee King, Jr. and Epsie Wiley King.   I have been blessed with (3) three Beautiful Beauties – Marjorie, Mia and Valyncia. I also have two Granpuppies (Remi and Kojo) and one Granrabbit (Honeybunny).

In my professional life I have worked as a teacher, as a secretary and as the secretary for the Church of Christ Prison Ministry at Sugarland Church of Christ.  In my last secular job I worked as a Paralegal for many years.  

I have been a member of the Sugarland Church of Christ for over 21 years.  As a young girl I obeyed the Gospel at the age of 13 at Third Ward Church of Christ and was baptized by Bro. Freeman Wyche, Sr.

Those who know me know I love to Sang and Study the Word of GOD. – which to me is The Best Novel EVER!!!  Yes, once you start to read and study that Beautiful book (with intention) you can’t stop.  That’s why I attribute it to reading a novel. 

I believe that My Mom was the best example of love and grace.  She and My Dad were a Beautiful Loving Couple that showed me love and patience growing up. My Mom to me was the vision of Proverbs 31.  She instilled in me to be what God would have me to be and never allow Satan to steal my Joy and that is a tool  to keep the heart Pure and Loving, which is the title of my favorite song:  Purer in Heart.

My Love for GOD and You will be for you to know that whatever way GOD blesses me with it’s my responsibility to share that with you.  

So, now we begin this sweet journey in #ChristianGirlsChat!