It’s 2022 and GOD Has Something Great in Store for You!!!

As we continue to press forward to make progress Emotionally, Physically, Economically, Educationally, but more importantly Spiritually in 2022. Today, I want to ensure that you know from GOD’s lips to my pen to your ears so that you can know that this year there is something instore for just You!!! 

The Word of GOD says in

Isaiah 54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord. 

As I write this remember the purpose of these penned words is to encourage you, but please know I not only want you to be encouraged but they encourage me as well.  Our jobs as Christian sisters are to use

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.  It is most essential to make a point to let (all) around you know that you are here for them to make an impact in their lives.  We are to help each other as much as we can so yes christiangirlschat is here to Encourage, Uplift and Inspire you.

In order to help each other My Loves, we must be ready and prepared for what GOD has in store for you, so (Be Ready) and I’m just here to cheer you on with a tidbit of hopelight and to remind you that you are GOD’s princess/HIS daughter and HE wants what is best for you.  If that means growing more in HIS Word, a new car, a new house, get married, write a book or even obtain a degree.  You can do it!!!

I just love how JESUS was a wonderful illustrator – story teller – parable sharer, don’t you.  I am nowhere close to composing visionary stories as HE could, but I’ll try to give you a decent visual.  This short story is about a young girl and her in store moment.  She was a very special girl at least that’s what her parents told her.  Well she was also a very scrawny child and this is not to insult her, she really was a little cutie-patootie.  LOL She really didn’t expect to ever get married or have a family. It wasn’t that she didn’t dream of that, she just thought it was her mission to be a missionary.  This young girl would hear about people traveling places in other counties doing mission work and helping to lead souls to Christ.  Oh she wanted to do just that.   Well considering she wasn’t a child of money (people would tell her you need to be rich to do that), she gave up that thought, and she didn’t focus on it so much.  So she went on through primary school onto high school and college.   Eventually after college she got married and had three children, and yes she in the back of her mind thought of mission work.  Now one may say you could do work here in the states, and so did she.  She traveled with We Care Ministries, worked with Campaign for Christ as well as Crusade for Christ as much as she could.  Not only did she try to do HIS will, but her daughters were involved on many occasions.  So let’s say she was doing her best with that part of her life, which her ultimate goal was to give GOD the glory.  Then 2009 some friends of hers told her about a Gospel Medical Mission that had been ongoing in Guyana, South America at that time friends and loved ones wanted to join in on that mission.  She felt it was her job to help raise money, gather supplies and be a supporter for those who wanted to do this work.  Then in June 2015 GOD allowed her to make her very first Mission Trip to Georgetown, Guyana.  She really had given up that idea to ever go abroad.  GOD has opened that door and she was able to make many Guyana Gospel Medical Missions on more than one occasion.  This is shared so that you can know anything GOD has for you no one can keep it from you.  Doing missionary work was a childhood dream and GOD knew it was in her sincerest places of her mind.  That need was so for her to be a part of that so GOD would get the glory and HE did!  Many souls have been brought to Christ and so many Bible studies for men, women and children have been set up. Think about it she really never contemplated that she would ever do mission work after becoming a wife or mother.  Remember what GOD has for you, it is for you and no one can keep you from receiving just that. By the way that little girl was Me!!!

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Leaving 2021 and Moving to a Fresh Start 2022

December 31, 2021 

2021 has been Great!!! – I see I got your attention with that statement. Rite!!! It has been an overwhelming, scary, happy, sad and often breathtaking year.  In many of the day to day events as we sit and think, GOD continually shows us who HE is!!!  As challenging as this year has been we have still been so very blessed.  There have been moments throughout 2021 when I have seriously struggled and wondered what is going on.  We’ve had the Original Catastrophe Covid-19, then we’ve had that Demonic Delta and now we’ve been given the challenge of Overzealous Omicron.  (I know you chuckled) Not only did we have to contend and maneuver our way through this monster, we’ve had to deal with our own personal challenges in our lives.  For me it’s been  having to manage my personal relationships, overcoming extreme loss in my immediate family and my loved ones in my church family, to my staying rooted and grounded in the Word in order to  maintain my spiritual relationship with GOD.  Yes, this has been a year!

So how can we recover from such an overwhelming year?  Well you ask a wonderful question.  I will share with you how I have tried to practice living through adversity.   Faith and prayer are a precursor for things to happen.  You must have those two, but like a fine braid one might place in their beautiful daughter’s hair you need three parts which adds work to that component. 

Chapter 2:14-26 in James it basically says – Faith without Works Is Dead – Let’s read it.

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