When you think of something Beautiful can you also envision it Chaos at the same time? Well it can.  That picture is a perfect visual example of Beautiful Chaos.  According to Webster it’s considered an oxymoron – that is two things that don’t work well together?  I’ve come to realize life is a paradox and there is always more than what meets the eye.  So in my over colorful mind and have seen this to be true in my lift.

Well I share that previous information because this past weekend was one of the most wonderful weekends I’ve had in my life.  I was given the opportunity to see, love on,

(John 13:34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you),

engage with over 200 people through Our Very First Virtual Southwestern Christian College Alumni Class Reunion.  Students from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s were in attendance and it was a site for my Big Brown BettyBoop Eyes.  I was in Aww!!!  Some of us hadn’t seen each other for over 20 years and amazingly we were able to catch up in chat rooms that were designated for many groups from ministries, cheerleaders, royalty to choruses.  Those of us who attended SwCC can attest to the major love and care we have for each other that travels through space and time.  That bond of those that attended SwCC is overwhelming and often when trying to explain the attachment we have to friends and family who are not a Roaring Rams they don’t quite understand.  You have to have been there on that campus and feel that atmosphere.  Many that have gone to SwCC and (it takes some years) to acknowledge that feeling, but they eventually do.  I say that because some of us went to SwCC kicking and screaming as “parents, grandparents, and relatives” dropped them off at Southwestern.  Then there were those who wanted to be there and then there were those of us who were there because of family legacy.  Oh we all got our “just” share of Southwestern and for that we are truly grateful.  On the Zoom call someone stated wherever we go across The United States or even visiting foreign soils we run into someone that knows or/are past students of Southwestern and at that point there is a huge embrace and often tears are shed. Now, that’s some Beautiful Chaos.  The word chaos is often attributed to something horrible, but I decided to take this word and use it for something good and add a huge dose of Beautiful.   The definition of chaos is: a state in which behavior and events are typically not controlled by anything or anyone.  And anyone who has used Zoom knows there maybe a few glitches at times.  During the Zoom Reunion some of us were knocked out, frozen in time apparently because of internet problems, but we’d just log right back in because we didn’t want to miss a second.  There was occasional background chatter and not being heard when trying to share, but oh it was all worth it just being able to see every face or hearing the voices on the call.  There again – Beautiful Chaos.

I truly commend the Fantastic Vision of Our Southwestern Christian College, Alumni Board President, Vernesha Cathey as well as our other Southwestern Christian College Alumni Board Members and their commitment to Keeping Southwestern Alive by encouraging us to do as much to boost up donations to the school as well as attendance.  Southwestern Christian College was a great place for me to be in 1982-1984 and I am most grateful for the love, spiritual wisdom shown to me by my professors, teachers and classmates as I journeyed.  That Beautiful Chaos made me who I am and I am so very thankful. 

So again as usual My job in My Blog it is to Encourage, Uplift and Inspire all who read today to fall in love with the positive Beautiful Chaos of Southwestern and possibly send one of your students there, because it so creates the Christian Love that all young Christian students need.



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