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Once there was a beautiful two story house on Hussion Street and in that house lived a mom and her three children.  Well it was pretty early in the morning before the mom woke the children for school so the mom made her a cup of coffee then went and sat in her back porch to drink her coffee before she awakened the children for school.  She had two boys and one girl.

On this particular morning the daughter and the youngest son awakened and realized mom was not in the house. So, they followed the scent of coffee to the porch.  Upon meeting mom they all turned and realized the door was covered with smoke.  Well a neighbor who just so happened to be driving on his way to work saw the flames quickly called 911 and rushed to the house.   He grabbed the fire hose to extinguish as much as he could.  Within minutes, the firemen were dispatched to the house and arrived fairly quickly. 

As they began to frantically put out the fire, the mom realizing the child was still in the house, began rushing to get into the house. She screamed, “my son is upstairs still – he was left upstairs sleeping!”  As she was trying to get them to let her go in, a vision came to the upstairs window; it was her son still a bit sleepy and groggy.    As one firefighter was retracting the ladder, other firefighters were blocking spectators. One of them noticed that he recognized the family as well as the boy from the window.  He immediately began talking to him and said to the boy, “it’s me Jason- Mr. Alson”.  Now what many people below didn’t know was that the firefighter was also the boy’s Sunday school teacher.  The lesson the teacher had been teaching the class about was FAITH- Forsaking All I Trust Him.  The teacher/firefighter shouted out the word “FAITH” and immediately the boy became teary.  He then told him “I want you to jump to me”.  Fear was in the face of the young boy as well as the bystanders.  The firefighter shouted again “FAITH” as he was waiting and hanging on the ladder outside the window. Just a few feet away, the boy took a huge leap and landed into the arms of his teacher and firefighter.

The firefighter/teacher used his lesson from his class in an immediate way and he was not implying that he was a god or GOD.  His intent was simply to get the young man to focus on the lesson and use it for the moment.  However the example applies very much to US.

Are you trusting GOD today?! Yes, it’s one day at time.

This pandemic has hit “Our World, Our Country, Our State, Our City, Our Town, Our Subdivision, Our Street, Our House, with a Big Mohammed Ali fist and we have been so affected – but my loves…don’t lose FAITH! GOD got us!!!

Just think of yourself as the little boy in the story.  Think of how JESUS wants us to trust Him with humility and love like the children He speaks of:

Matthew 19:14: But JESUS said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

The humility and innocence of a child is the most beautiful thing.  Children don’t question or waiver when it comes to having faith in people.

In the story that fellow trusted his fireman teacher and just jumped into his arms without a question.  That little boy had faith in his teacher/fireman and knew that he would catch him.

That is how we are to be with GOD.

That’s the faith we need to have during these difficult and challenging times of COVID-19 and all of the other things that are wailing around.  Yes, as Christians our faith has been tried and tested. But don’t allow satan to disrupt your focus.  God wants you to know that  HE is never leaving, dropping, or forsaking you.  Listen to this and allow Him to speak to you through this song.

GOD is a better catcher than the teacher/firefighter.  HE never wants us to worry about figuring it out alone. But to depend on HIM to help us through.  So, I want you to think on that as you travel through the week and remember the five letters of  FAITH and the key words that are attached.

Forsaking All I Trust HIM 


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